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Giants Guide to Takeaway in Cairns

If you’re new to Cairns, hungry but don’t feel like cooking, don’t worry because Giants Pizzeria has a guide to takeaway options in Cairns to help you choose where to eat!


Pizza is a great go-to for those days you don’t feel like cooking. Cairns has a wide range of takeaway and delivery options for when you have that pizza craving, but if you need to tame the hunger, Giants Pizzeria offers 1m long pizzas! Giants also offers small & large size pizzas for when your hunger isn’t giant.

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Nothing beats fresh, homecooked pasta but who really wants to spend all day in the kitchen? Don’t worry because Cairns has a range of fresh pasta options for you to satisfy that pasta craving. For that authentic Italian pasta, check out Piccolo Cucina or Vitalia's Italian Restaurant.

Giants Pizzeria also offers fresh traditional pasta for delivery or takeaway, so why not add a pasta dish with your next pizza order!

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Fish & Chips are a popular favourite and when in Cairns make sure to check out Tha Fish, Hava Snak Fish & Chips and Lucky Fish.


Craving a burger? Cairns has a wide range of burger places to choose from. Don’t forget to check out Jimmys Burgers, Evo Burger, Grill’d or Burger Urge when you need to satisfy your burger craving.


Kebabs aren’t just good after a big night out, they are also a great option for when you don’t feel like cooking. While there aren’t any delivery options for kebabs, Cairns has a range of Kebab shops available for takeaway such as Oasis Kebabs, Oz Kebab, Ali Babba’s Kebabs & Kaan’s Kebabs.


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