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How to Cater for an Event – Top 5 Tips!

Planning an event or party and need catering? The last thing you want is to run out of food or order too much food, have delays or have catering that doesn’t match your event style.

Don't worry because Giants Pizzeria Cairns has 5 tips you need to know when organising catering for your next event or party.

Decide on the Guest List

Make sure you know the number of guests attending your event or party before planning the catering. Having a vague idea can lead to over ordering or not ordering enough food so knowing the numbers is essential to successful event catering as no guest will go home hungry.

Start off with a minimum number that you can build on so you can start the process of organising quotes and event planning. You can then add to the set minimum without running the risk of overspend and food wastage. It is also a good idea to add a few extra orders on top of your final number, just in case a few extra guest attend or if some people like seconds.

Know Your Budget

It is important to define your budget when contacting your caterers as this will guide them on how much you want to spend in total or per person. Not setting an initial budget could have the caterer come back with an overpriced quote that exceeds your budget, which will mean you will have to start the process all over again. Think about how much food you want to serve each guest and work on a brief with your caterers to find a solution that fits within your budget.

Consider Event Style

Before ringing any party caters, you need to decide on your event style as this will help guide the food selection when deciding on catering. If you are organising a casual event, you’ll want more social food delivery and snacks that are crowd pleasures. If you’re hosting a family function, you’ll need catering that accommodated for children and adults.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Crowd Pleaser

It is best to stick with a few dishes you know everyone will love. Catering an event can be challenging with the diverse range of tastes and palates, so make it easier by choosing known crowd pleasers that are popular with everyone. For example, serving pizza is a great idea! With so many topping options to choose from, you will be sure to cater to all your guests without anyone going hungry.

Consider Food Execution

Event and party catering should include foods that are easily prepared, easy to replace and can be easily eaten by guests. The timing of food is critical and knowing how much prep and cook time is needed will help with managing the event planning and schedule. It is important to make sure the food options are always accessible to guests and easily replenishable when running low.

Planning an event or party and need catering? Giants Pizzeria Cairns can help cater your next event! We offer a wide range of pizza choices and pasta. Need to cater for a larger number of guests? Giants Pizzeria is home of the GIANT 1m wide pizza so you can be sure no one will go hungry at your event, party or function!

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