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Top 10 Best Pizza Places in Cairns!

Looking for delicious and authentic pizza but want to avoid the large chain pizza restaurants? Don’t worry because we have found the top 10 best local pizza places in Cairns for you. All you have to do is choose the restaurant, order and enjoy!

Giants Pizzeria is the home of the GIANT size pizza, offering customers 1m long pizzas! Along with their Giant size pizza, Giants Pizzeria also offers small & large size traditional pizzas and pasta for takeaway or delivery. If you are looking for fresh and tasty pizza, Giants Pizzeria will satisfy your craving!

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2. La Pizza Trattoria, Cairns City

La Pizza Trattoria is located in the middle of Cairns Esplanade and has been offering Cairns Italian fusion for over 25 years.

3. Lush Pizza, Cairns City

Lush Pizza doesn’t just offer House-Made pizza, they also offer chicken wings, sides & desserts, with Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free options.

4. 3 Black Bears Pizza, Cairns City

At 3 Black Bears Pizza, all the pizzas are one size – Large!

5. Little Ricardo’s Pizzeria & Trattoria, Cairns City

Little Ricardo’s is Italian & Mediterranean cuisine and offers a range of pizza, pasta, chicken and salad dishes.

6. Joe’s Pizza Earlville, Earlville

Joe’s Pizza offers their customers a wide range of pizza, pasta, ribs, chicken wings and salads. Joe’s is also family owned and operates from both their stores located in Earlville and Edmonton.

7. Pedro’s Pizza, Cairns North

Home of the original handmade gourmet pizza, Pedro’s Pizza offers customers a wide range of pizza, pasta and ribs.

8. Pizza La Vista, Woree

Hand-crafting pizzas and using locally sourced product where possible, Pizza La Vista is located in Woree and offers customers a large range of pizza, pasta, ribs and desserts.

9. Pizza Del Mondo, Woree

Pizza Del Mondo offers a wide range of authentic Italian-style pizza and specials.

10. Ollie’s Italian on the Waterfront, Cairns City

Ollie’s Italian on the Waterfront has an extensive food and wine menu with both modern and traditional Italian fare.


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